The 10 Time World Champion Reno Astros are back on the International stage in 2019.  The Astros have been invited back to The Grand Forks International Tournament in British Columbia, Canada, a tournament founded in 1975.  The GFI has a rich tradition of current and future professionals playing in the tournament, the Astros have had their fair share of Major Leaguers play with them in this tournament, including Josh Beckett, Corky Miller, Ron Jones, Dale Thayer, DeWayne Buice, Mike Hartley and Desi Wilson.
“This tournament is special… we have been all over the world and played a lot of baseball, but the people, the City, the stadium and the competition at the GFI has always been our favorite place to play”, said Astros manager; Matt Konopisos.  “The thought of this little City in the mountains of British Columbia with a population of 4,000 people hosting Cuba, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, China and the best the United States has to offer is absolutely amazing.  It is like stepping back in time to the golden era of baseball when small towns played each other and everyone came out to watch.  We have been fortunate enough to win this tournament twice and the crowds have always embraced our style of baseball…  I am looking forward to renewing our old friendships and hopefully making some new fans” 
The roster for the 2019 Reno Astros at the GFI includes former professionals Jeff Calderone, Jeff Tolotti, David Rider, Jason Landreth, Don Wanner, Jesse Brown, Eric and Scott Underwood, Kevin Hammond, Jacob Joseph, Miles Williams, Mark Leacox and Paul Ferrari. Konopisos added, “We are hoping to have a good mix of ex pro’s and college stars, we never know what the final roster will be until we get off the plane.  We are always recruiting… looking for guys just released, guys trying to make it back into pro ball, or college guys looking to play at a pro level instead of in the collegiate leagues.”  The Astros will be announcing collegiate players in the coming weeks as the roster is finalized.
The Astros season can be followed online at and there will be a live podcast available at of all the tournament games.
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