The 10 Time World Champion Reno Astros are back on the International stage in 2019.  The Astros have been invited back to The Grand Forks International Tournament in British Columbia, Canada, a tournament founded in 1975.  The GFI has a rich tradition of current and future professionals playing in the tournament, the Astros have had their fair share of Major Leaguers play with them in this tournament, including Josh Beckett, Corky Miller, Ron Jones, Dale Thayer, DeWayne Buice, Mike Hartley and Desi Wilson.
“This tournament is special… we have been all over the world and played a lot of baseball, but the people, the City, the stadium and the competition at the GFI has always been our favorite place to play”, said Astros manager; Matt Konopisos.  “The thought of this little City in the mountains of British Columbia with a population of 4,000 people hosting Cuba, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, China and the best the United States has to offer is absolutely amazing.  It is like stepping back in time to the golden era of baseball when small towns played each other and everyone came out to watch.  We have been fortunate enough to win this tournament twice and the crowds have always embraced our style of baseball…  I am looking forward to renewing our old friendships and hopefully making some new fans” 
The roster for the 2019 Reno Astros at the GFI includes former professionals Jeff Calderone, Jeff Tolotti, David Rider, Jason Landreth, Don Wanner, Jesse Brown, Eric and Scott Underwood, Kevin Hammond, Jacob Joseph, Miles Williams, Mark Leacox and Paul Ferrari. Konopisos added, “We are hoping to have a good mix of ex pro’s and college stars, we never know what the final roster will be until we get off the plane.  We are always recruiting… looking for guys just released, guys trying to make it back into pro ball, or college guys looking to play at a pro level instead of in the collegiate leagues.”  The Astros will be announcing collegiate players in the coming weeks as the roster is finalized.
The Astros season can be followed online at and there will be a live podcast available at of all the tournament games.

7.2.19: The Reno Astros finished in third place at the Grand Forks International, it was a disappointing ending to a great tournament that saw the Astros finish with the #1 seed after beating Cuba and the Seattle Studs. Coming from behind in every game made the Astros a crowd favorite but in the semi-final game they could not overcome a two-to-one deficit. The toughest part of the loss was a failed Empire conference and an Astro error led to both runs being unearned. Don Wanner got 2 wins in the tournament with Paul Ferrari beating Seattle and TJ Czyz in relief picking up the win against Cuba with Alex Bates getting the save. Outfielder Terry Bennett and catcher Ryan Cooper picked up all tournament honors and Matt Konopisos was inducted into the Hall of Fame joining former Astros, Josh Beckett, Corky Miller and Dale Thayer.

6.16.19: The Astros open the weekend with a two-game sweep of the Yuba College summer team. The Astro pitchers split the game with Paul Ferrari starting, Eddie Russell in the middle, rookie Kobe Calderone in the setup role and Scott Underwood to close out game 1. Don Wanner won game 2 going 6 strong innings with TJ Czyz coming in and finishing the game. The Astros offense was led by Grant Goffs first home run of his life and Joey Dice hitting his 3rd of the Summer. Jesse Brown continued his hot hitting with 5 hits and the Underwood twins, Jerry Thomas and ex-pro Ryan Cooper all had multiple hits. Sunday the Astros took on the Chico Nuts and long-time veteran Astro right-hander David Rider allowed one run in the first inning and Chico did not score another run the rest of the day. Jason Landreth started the scoring with a home run and a double while Eric and Scott Underwood both had RBI doubles. Former Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, and Colorado Rockies player, Zack Taylor, also had a couple hits in pacing the Astros 9 to 1 victory. Grant Golf and Mason Timbrook pitched two scoreless innings each to close out the victory.

6.9.19: The Astros improve to 11 -0 on the season with a three-game sweep of the Fresno Grizzlies, and NBC World Series team. The game one victory went to former professional Don Wanner who threw a complete game with 11 strikeouts. The game 2 winner was Grant Golf coming in relief of Paul Ferrari. Jeff Tolotti hit a homerun and Scott Underwood, Joey Dice and Dak Conners led the offense with 9 hits between them. Dak subsequently signed with Napa in the Pacific Association after the doubleheader. The Sunday game started out as a pitching duel with Astro former professional Eddie Russell going against a Taiwanese draft pick... Mau He. Former Astro professional hitters Jason Landreth and Jesse Brown joined the party on Sunday to lead the offense with Jerry Thomas, Goff, Austin May and Caleb Ariaz also knocking in runs.

6.1.19: The Astros improved to 8-0 last weekend with a doubleheader sweep of the Redding Ringtails. The Astros responded to being back home with homeruns by Jesse Brown, Scott Underwood, Grant Goff and even Joey Dice found just enough barrel to clear the fence! Former Professional Eddie Russel picked up the win in his Astros debut in game 1 and Paul Ferrari coasted to a win in game 2... Don Wanner looked good to close out game 1 and Dakota Conners shined in his first game with Astros with 5 hits. The Astros welcome in the Fresno A's this weekend hosting a 2:30pm doubleheader on Saturday and a single game on Sunday starting at noon. The A's earned an appearance at the NBC World Series in Wichita Kansas and should bring a quality team into town to face the streaking Astros!

5.11.19: After sweeping the Sacramento Royals to open the season, with Don Wanner picking up the win in Game 1 and David Rider in Game 2... the Astros take the field again this weekend for the home opener against the same Sacramento Royals.

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